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Why Bodywork?

What can a bodyworker and therapeutic massage therapist do for you?  You might be surprised!  Back pain?  Repetitive strain injuries?  Shoulder issues?  Do your exercise your heart out?  Are you a weekend warrior?  Digestive issues?  Leftover discomfort from surgeries?  We should talk, at the very least.

What kind?

My style tends to be eclectic/integrative and may draw techniques for a session from a number of manual therapies.  This allows a variety of approaches to assist you in reaching your session goals.  If you'd like specifics about my training, please ask me.


My mission is to support your quest for optimal health and wellness.


Massage therapists in the State of Idaho are required to be licensed as of July, 2013.  Yes I am!

This website is a work in progress.  If there is information you'd like to see that's not here, please let me know. 


Maire Scott-Jones


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