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About Me

I'm a Licensed and Certifed Massage Therapist and Member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals.  I hold certifications in a few specific modalities as well.

Working with you, not on you, to assist you in reaching your wellness goals is my preferred way to work.

Bodies and anatomy fascinate me!  Along my own journey it's been pointed out time and again that there is a very real connection between our mind and body and I've found that to be true with the clients I work with as well.  I like work that challenges my mind.  I also like work that is active.  The problem solving, the physicality, the opportunity to work with people one on one and the ever changing nature of the work from session to session and person to person are all wrapped up in bodywork and therapeutic massage.  I love this work!  I won't live long enough to learn all there is to know about bodies, about people, about what I can do to assist them, but I'm am having a great time learning and doing all I can.  I take classes out of state 2-3 times a year to continue adding to my resources.

On a personal note, I have numerous interests!  I've practiced tai chi for a some years now and my shifu includes meditation, qi gong and eastern health and philosophy teachings.  I became involved in transporting at risk, homeless animals to safety a few years ago and am part of a national transport team for Roads of Hope and a few other coordinators.  I support local shelters and rescues however I can.  Exercise is a big part of my life...seasonal swimming, weight training, ummm..zumba (at home and I don't like to admit it) and of course, practicing tai chi and walking my dogs.  I enjoy reading, cooking (I'm ovo vegetarian but manage days on end of vegan), and love my kids and my creatures.



East end, off of Warm Springs Ave.

Boise, ID 83712


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